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While taking admission in college, an essay is required which reflects on the candidate and is a part of the application. The essay provides the scope or opportunity to understand and know who the candidate is through the writing. Therefore, admission essay is a good opportunity to tell about the candidate which could not fit in other parts of the application.It is very similar to that of ‘about yourself’ section in a curriculum vitae wriiting. The ability of the candidate to write when provided time and space is also known from application essays. Therefore the essay lets the college understand the reflective as well as applicative side of the aspiring candidate.


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Candidates often tend to glorify the college and writes about the amount of dedication and skill it requires to become a doctor or engineer.However, this is not the approach the college looks for. Besides, this is also not the motive behind the admission essay which is to be submitted. A good admission essay prompts the experience, story and inner reflection of the candidate. It capitalises on writers own experience, views, thoughts and ideas towards the stream of studies. Therefore the first rule of writing an admission essay is being the own self. The next rule from the experts is to start early. The more reflection of the candidate it will capture the more successful will it be as an admission essay.

The choice of the topic is of utmost importance in admission essays. The choice must be based on best topic which would reflect the candidate. Admission essay definition goes beyond a mere reflective essay. The essay writing should have to meet the candidate and the characteristics. The personal story and thoughts are the things which matters the most in admission essay. The best idea is to utilise a creative approach and focus on the areas which cannot be known from reading the form or meeting the candidate in person. The essay goes beyond the conventional records and certificates. It actually relies on the reflection and presentation of the candidate in pen and paper. The reason behind having such an essay is to judge how much the candidate is able to express and utilise one’s creativity.

The content of the essay have to be focused narrowly and kept highly personal. There is no use of overloading the essay with unnecessary topic other than the self and its expression. If this approach is taken the essay would become something like curriculum vitae. Admission essay is meant to be focused on the personal itself. In this way the coordinator will be able to know more and more about the person. The reader is keener on understanding a core idea of the candidate and follows it from starting till the end of the content. The best way is to ask someone else to read the essay to have a best judgement about its quality and content before final admission essay submission. In fact the focus and fluidity also reflects the mental framework of the candidate. Whether the candidate is about to generate organised thoughts, able to express the ideas in an organised manner is all reflected from how a person writes.

The reflection of the admission essay should be more evident rather than declaration. The writer must show evidence through the writing rather than declaring any concept or idea. A specific detailing is required in admission essay layout. The details have to be backed by examples, reasons and other such aspects which would help in construction of idea.

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